My Life’s Work: “Necessary.”

Recently a question was proposed to me, which left me deeply pondering for a few days. The question was, “What value do you believe you offer the world?” I took my time (for the first time in a long while) to respond to such a great question! This is my response:

What value do you believe you offer the world?

I contribute value to the world and now to my life’s work through my desire to make those I speak with feel seen and necessary. Through the medium in which I feel the most alive, dialog.

I find it a great privilege to sit and delve into the life experience of my neighbor, a person too with a beating heart and blood running through their veins — a person attempting to find balance on a rope in a world of darkness at times.

There’s a nostalgia I feel when observing their recall and reflection of their journey. A conversation about a person’s life is permission, access to their beautiful complexity. It is here, within this brief moment in time, where I experience a deep bond between another person sharing the same space, revealing our vulnerabilities, sharing our lessons, exploring the meaning of our existence. Making another person feel necessary is my life’s contribution.



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