Make a Framework Not A Plan.

I hope this quick piece helps you define your “framework” to navigate how you pursue new job opportunities.

Grab a piece of paper, draw three lines down the middle, and draw a line across the top, making it like a “t.” On the far left side, write “role/experience”; in the middle, “fulfilling/significant,” and on the right side, “skills/Learnings,” like such:

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This T-chart aims to extrapolate what made the role or experience fulfilling and what skills you attained. Having your resume handy will be a great help for this exercise. If you’re starting, this will be all the more exciting! You’ll be able to define what kind of experience you’d like to have and what skills you’d like to learn.

As you reflect on your past roles, think about the tasks or daily ongoings that made you excited about the work, what made you feel proud, what you look forward to while in that role/environment (tasks, curation, office culture, etc.).

After you’ve written down some reflections, try and spot themes and formulate your themes in an “I value” statement, for example;

Working as an RA, I found that creating a space where people from all walks of life could connect on a deeper level with one another was very fulfilling.

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So I’d extrapolate from this role/experience that I value connection, diversity, and authenticity.

Lastly, I’d unpack what skills did I obtain and if I’d learned anything new about myself. Do this for all your roles and once you’ve done that, try to look at all of your themes, then create one brief introduction statement like such;

My name is Jeremy, and I value work that nourishes connection, innovation, collaboration, and optimism.

This is the foundation of your framework (not your “plan” — a plan is often an end all be all. It makes people stuck. If something falls through in your plans, there’s oftentimes no room to pivot because everything was in one basket.) when pursuing work that’ll align with your life mission and purpose.


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