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  • Daniel Birch

    Daniel Birch

    Entrepreneur, UX agency CEO & 14 years + in design Industry. Specialist in UX, CX, UI and digital design. userxd.co https://www.linkedin.com/in/birchdaniel/

  • Dr Brian J Dixon

    Dr Brian J Dixon

    We can save ourselves from ourselves…if we want to. www.DrBrianDixon.com

  • Scrumpy Dad

    Scrumpy Dad

    Experienced scrummaster/coach, passionate about personal development, applying work practices at home to build a happy family life. linkedin.com/in/hjameeuwsen

  • Elaina Michelle

    Elaina Michelle

    Exploring the world with my words. Living wholehearted and eating cake!

  • Jehan Senai Worthy

    Jehan Senai Worthy

    Guardian of love and justice. Educator, law student, writer, and poet. Here you can find my writings on love, relationships, education, and law.

  • Hello, I’m Gabi!

    Hello, I’m Gabi!

    Founder of Mindjoy, kid at heart. I root for resilience & construct concepts of happiness by designing learning experiences that we call “hard fun”.

  • Selma Bambur

    Selma Bambur

    Designer, environmentalist, innovation strategist. www.selmabambur.com Writing about: Creativity, Innovation, Design, Environment

  • Spectral Fiasco

    Spectral Fiasco

    My name is Evan. I'm a 20 year old Puerto Rican writer and artist. Share something with me that you love.

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