• Randi Morgan

    Randi Morgan

    I am a sponge for stories. I enjoy listening to experiences and the paths others have made in this world. Former higher-ed professional. Copywriting Aspirant.

  • Marty F

    Marty F

  • Donia


    I’m not really sure why I write, I always hated it in school and now I use it to convey what I don’t feel like I can say out-loud, enjoy.

  • Meghan Hatalla

    Meghan Hatalla

    Minnesota — based UX researcher and yoga instructor. You can find me as @megtalla in most spaces!

  • Sudip Ghale

    Sudip Ghale

  • LOVE MATTERS ~ by Dr Dan Neuharth, MFT

    LOVE MATTERS ~ by Dr Dan Neuharth, MFT

    Bestselling author and licensed marriage and family therapist based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Jill Christ

    Jill Christ

    UX Researcher @Facebook; Married to @DougChrist. Follow me & say hi, especially if you love running, cooking, improv, yoga, or broadway musicals as much as me!

  • Maryssa Anne Krieger

    Maryssa Anne Krieger

    Top writer in Poetry. I’m an empath, trauma survivor, poet, and lifelong oddball. I’ll cheer you up, bum you out, and make you laugh. Thank you for reading me!

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