In 2014, I had the opportunity of a lifetime to study art in Europe on a study abroad trip. My experience in Avignon, Arles, Nimes, Paris, France, and Barcelona was mesmerizing. I was fortunate to learn from locals about their unique differences and our commonalities that continue to resonate with me today. So without further ado, enjoy the visual walkthrough of Europe along with my reminiscent thoughts.

Recently a question was proposed to me, which left me deeply pondering for a few days. The question was, “What value do you believe you offer the world?” I took my time (for the first time in a long while) to respond to such a great question! This is my response:

What value do you believe you offer the world?

I contribute value to the world and now to my life’s work through my desire to make those I speak with feel seen and necessary. Through the medium in which I feel the most alive, dialog.

All images are by Jeremy Hunt.

To some, Als’ the unknown guy you see when you go and grab a slice of pizza, but to others, he’s a sincere neighbor and loyal friend. He’s been feeding Fort Worth locals now for the last twenty-five years. He’s the legendary Italian pizzeria owner, Picchi Pacchi, found on Lamar and Seventh street in Fort Worth, TX.

The pandemic has knocked many businesses out of the ring, leaving them without a lively hood. On a regular visit, Al shared with me and my friend Niky about the challenges he’s facing due to the pandemic; Niky nudged me and proposed that…

Jeremy H.

A small collection of my thoughts, poems, ideas, and questions. Observer | Documentarian |

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